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Easy Tips To Avoid Electrical Hazards

With so much information floating around the internet, so many people have gotten into DIY for just about anything. Installing flooring, painting houses, landscape design, and even plumbing all seem like they might be easy to learn to do with just the click of a mouse. Googling

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Solar inventions that are changing the world

When people think of solar energy, the most common thoughts are the benefits of switching from traditional power company energy sources to solar energy or the charm of solar lights in gardens and along pathways. At Electricraft, our thoughts about solar energy are for the big picture

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Best uses for LED lighting

The cost saving on the power bill, the long life of light emitting diode (LED) lighting and the versatility of LED is creating a growing demand for LED lighting. The electricians from San Luis Obispo’s Electricraft, Inc. is the local source for advice about the best uses

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How solar panels convert sunlight into energy

The age of clean, green energy is here. Solar power is driving the economy in the right direction, and allowing businesses, residences, and communities to light up their world in a much more efficient way than ever before. California’s San Luis Obispo County is an excellent region

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Best places to install solar panels in San Luis Obispo County

Sunlight is the fuel for existence on this planet. The light and energy from it fuels the photosynthesis in plants, and all life on the planet. The heat and energy the sun produces is already serving as 1-percent of the electricity used in the United States today.

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Three reasons to hire Electricraft for solar installation in San Luis Obispo County and the Central Coast

Solar energy is becoming a leading technology for supplying electricity for residential, commercial and public works electricity needs. Electricraft specializes in solar installation for San Luis Obispo and the entire Central Coast. There are some good reasons to choose Electricraft for solar installation. San Luis Obispo’s energy

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How to become a certified electrician

Everyone needs electrical work done from time to time, for curious young people the urge to help by experimenting can be pretty strong. After all, you have studied electricity in school science classes and done a lot of reading and studying on your own. Electricity really interests

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Four common electrical dangers

Our ability to harness electricity has led the way for incredible advancements from light bulbs to smart phones to space travel. Electricity also brings incredible dangers. Over more than 20 years of providing electrical services the San Luis Obispo electricians from Electricraft have found and corrected thousands

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Questions to ask your San Luis Obispo electrician

The best electricians in San Luis Obispo work for Electricraft and believe in the company mission to provide superior quality service. That service includes answering questions. In fact, Electricraft wants clients to be informed and interested about their electrical projects. Asking questions does not annoy electricians from

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When you should hire an electric company instead of a handyman

Good handy people are worth their weight in gold. Just like the Swiss Army knife, in a pinch they can do just about anything. But there are circumstances that require some specialized knowledge, such as problems with electrical systems. Certainly there is a place for a licensed

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