San Luis Obispo Solar Installer

How to find a San Luis Obispo solar installer for your home or business

Now, more than ever, it makes sense, and dollars and cents, to convert your existing energy system to solar power, or to include solar power installations in your new construction project. Electricraft is a leader San Luis Obispo solar installation.

Especially in the state of California, where rebate programs like the California Solar Initiative offer solar customers different incentive levels based on the performance of their solar panels, including installation angle, tilt, and location. Your solar installer is your trusted partner in this process to ensure you get the most out of your solar power system.

San Luis Obispo Solar Installer

As you begin your search for a solar power installer, you’ll want to keep a few tips in mind:

  • Check your solar installer’s professional credentials. Because of the popularity of renewable energy sources, the industry is growing rapidly, and unfortunately, not all of those installers are professionally certified and licensed to install solar power systems in the state of California. An excellent online resource to review your solar installer’s official status with the California Energy Commission can be found at Electricraft,
    Inc. is a proud official solar installer for the California Energy Commission.
  • Ask about the product the installer uses. When it comes to solar powered energy, quality is essential for maximum performance of the system. Research the manufacturer of the product used by the installer to ensure proper testing and quality control measures are in place. Electricraft uses solar materials supplied by SolarWorld, America’s largest solar manufacturer for nearly 40 years. Their product is made entirely in the U.S.A. You can read more about their history, and manufacturing and testing processes at
  • Research how long your solar installer has been in business. Speaking relatively, the solar power industry is pretty new. But that doesn’t mean your contractor’s business should be. It’s important to find a solar energy installer who has at least a decade of experience. You’ll also want to ensure that a good amount of your solar installer’s experience is in solar energy installation, and not another trade. Electricraft, Inc. is a family-owned corporation celebrating 30 years in business.
  • Utilize customer references and reviews. One of the best indicators of how your solar installer will perform on your job is to check with past customers and consumer protection organizations to ensure your contractor’s demonstrated work history and project quality are superior. Reputable installers will be happy to share a list of former customers you may contact. You can also take advantage organizations like the BBB for information on your contractor, or use internet review sites like Yelp for more information about your solar installer.

The benefits of a solar power system for your home or business are real and measurable. Installation of a solar power system is skill requiring experience, professional training, and utilization of the best products and installation practices to ensure you receive maximum return on your investment, including those valuable government incentives and tax rebates. By properly researching and wisely selecting your San Luis Obispo solar installer, you’ll be much closer to experiencing the financial benefits of making the switch to solar energy.

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