3 Tips to Maximize Your Solar Energy System

Solar san luis obispo

–Solar energy is an up and coming industry that’s seen a rise in popularity in recent years; at Electricraft we provide the most cost effective and timely solar installations San Luis Obispo offers.

Whether your solar energy system is domestic or commercial, however, often times people pay to install a system yet don’t use it to its maximum potential, and therefore aren’t quite seeing the full scope of what solar energy can do for a property.

Our solar energy systems utilize renewable resources and are considered a clean form of energy for the environment, so reducing your carbon footprint is simply one benefit of a solar installation. San Luis Obispo residents have for many years relied on us for knowledge in the solar industry, and so today we offer you 3 useful tips to make the most out of your solar energy system.

1. Hire a professional for your solar installation
San Luis Obispo is full of electrical technicians, and while it may initially save money to install a DIY system, it may end up costing you in the long run. Solar panels are expensive, and installing them incorrectly may lead to many unwanted troubles. The money that you thought you might be saving by installing a system yourself might just end up having to go to repairs or perhaps ultimately hiring a technician regardless.

2. Placement is crucial
The best location for solar panels is an area that sees lots of sunlight, and the panel should be tipped at an angle towards the sun to fully absorb the energy. Hired professionals may also act as consultants for this step in the process, the idea is to place the panels where they will receive the most sunlight year round; Some homeowners may have emotional attachments to their properties and might experience difficulties putting aesthetics aside for optimal usage. While it may alter the appearance of a property, it’ll be worth it in the long run.

3. Calculate your wattage needs
Calculating one’s wattage prior to an installation will be very helpful in determining how large and how many panels are going to be needed. Ideally, one should account for electrical usage during the months of highest demand and should take winter sunshine levels into consideration as most homes use more electricity in the winter. Planning for wattage during the times of highest demand ensures that property owners will be well-prepared with sufficient energy year round.

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