Flickering Lights – Innocent? Or Dangerous?

San Luis Obispo electrical contractorsIf you’re seeking the strobe light effect at home or in your office, then flickering lights are your go-to option, but for most of us, they’re a nuisance. Flickering lights are not an immediate cause for alarm, but should be monitored just to make sure there’s not a large issue lurking. Regular lighting preventative maintenance is a simple way to make sure your family stays safe when they’re plugged in and when the lights are on. Here are several common reasons lights may flicker and what they could be telling you about your lighting system.

Always remember, if you’re ever in doubt, call the San Luis Obispo electrical contractors at Electricraft – we’ll send someone out to get to the root of your, “lights on, lights off,” problem.

• Single bulb flickering – This means that you probably just need a new light bulb. Turn the light off and make sure it is screwed in securely. If it is, there may be something wrong with the filament instead of the light. Try replacing the bulb and see if that corrects the issue.

• Some lights simultaneously flicker – Are there several lights that flicker at the same time and do it often? If so this is likely caused by power arcing. This is a potentially dangerous problem as it signals a major wiring concern. Power arcing also generates significant heat, which in some cases can cause a fire. If you suspect power arcing may be occurring in your home call the professional San Luis Obispo electrical contractors at Electricraft and we’ll send an emergency licensed electrical technician out to the property right away!

• Lights flicker and then fully light up – this is a common occurrence especially with fluorescent bulbs. Just make sure the flickering stops before the light bulb completely illuminates. It is normal for lights to slightly flicker especially when other electrical appliances or sources are being used. For example, when a vacuum cleaner is run you may notice the lights in your living room are slightly dimmer until the vacuum cleaner is turned off. This is normal; it is your electrical system’s way of balancing the demand for electricity in the room.

• All lights flicker, all the time – This could be an indication of a much larger problem that needs immediate attention. The voltage to your home or office is likely in flux and you will need the best team of electrical contractors San Luis Obispo County has to offer. If you call the expert electrical team at Electricraft, we will find the root cause before damage is done to the electrical system – and your home or office.

Flickering lights may seem innocent, but take this as your home’s way of sending you a potential warning sign. Electricraft Inc. is your go-to 24/7 emergency electrician. Call today at (805) 544-8224!