4 critical things to know about San Luis Obispo outdoor outlet repair

outdoor outlet repair san luis obispo–Every other house in San Luis Obispo has some form of damaged outdoor electrical wiring. Since San Luis Obispo county does not get much rainfall each year, many homeowners and commercial real estate owners do not think much about the state of their outdoor electrical outlets, until there is a problem, of course. Outdoor electrical wiring San Luis Obispo can be damaged by being exposed to random rainstorms, sprinklers, and even humidity in the air.

If you ever encounter an electrical problem with your outdoor wiring, it is best to contact our experienced contractors at Electricraft Inc. immediately. Without an understanding of how the wires are supposed to connect, there is a chance you may unintentionally make the problem worse. Dealing with electrical wires can be very dangerous, especially electrical wiring San Luis Obispo affected by inclement weather. When trying to determine if your electrical outlets need attention or repair, consider these tips:

1. Checking all the power outlets with a voltage tester will allow you to safely and efficiently find the ones that do not work. Randomly plugging and unplugging wires can become very dangerous without a proper understanding of each wire’s function.

2. If you can identify the outlets that aren’t working properly, unplug everything from those outdoor outlets and refrain from using them until a trained professional has assessed the damage.

3. Outdoor electrical wiring San Luis Obispo is controlled by circuit breakers. Ensure major appliances are not in use, then switch the breakers to the off position. Keep in mind that tripped circuit breakers are not always noticeable. If you flip the breakers back on and notice a circuit breaker tripping back to the “off” position, it indicates a precarious short circuit or ground fault. Until you fix the issue, you should keep that circuit switch in the off position and refrain from using outlets associated with this circuit.

4. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI’s) are a type of outlet that is used for protection in wet environments. These outlets have buttons built in for testing and resetting. These special outlets are set up in areas of your home which are highly vulnerable to electric shocks (like the bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor areas near water). These circuit interrupters identify leaks in the current and shut off power when issues are detected.

If you notice that an outdoor outlet is not functioning, and you are not comfortable fixing it, call Electricraft Inc. right away. Our professional and knowledgeable electricians will identify any outstanding issues and recommend next steps that will keep you and your family safe. Since San Luis Obispo rarely experiences the kind of rainy weather that can causes outdoor outlet issues, it is important that you hire an expert to properly assess the problem and repair the issue immediately.

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