3 Tips to Lower Your Electricity Bill Come Winter

–Winter comes every year like clockwork, and with it arrives lower temperatures and higher electricity bills; one of the major downsides of the cold season is that without proper insulation, many will find themselves constantly heating their homes to stay comfortable. With the approaching winter, it’s never too soon to consider what can be done around your home to lower the energy bill and reduce the impact of your home on the environment, with the added benefit of saving money!

Most people don’t realize how much energy they use on a daily basis; in addition to intended energy use such as using a heater, air conditioner, lights, or TV, there are unintended factors driving up your energy bill as well. These include things such as cell phone chargers plugged in but not in use and similar appliances. Even though you’re not using them, the cord is still drawing power. There are many things that can be done as a preventative measure to be aware of your home and office to reduce the monthly energy bill, today we’ll be taking a look at three simple things you can do to lower your electric bill.

San Luis Obispo electrical contractors Electricraft share these useful tips on lowering your home’s energy bill come winter:

1. Invest in energy efficient appliances. One of the first and foremost things a homeowner can do to save energy is to upgrade their appliances. Statistics from the National Resources Defense Council state that modern refrigerators can save a family hundreds of dollars per year in comparison to outdated units which draw significantly more power. The same goes for appliances such as washing machines, TVs, and other similar appliances

2. Replace your windows with insulation-efficient models. The glass industry has come a long way. Previously, all windows were made of basic single pane glass, which for a long time did the job. Today, however, we know that while single pane glass is efficient, it is still susceptible to drafts. This means that even though your heater is on, cold air may still flow in and vice versa. Nowadays double pane windows are a great insulator, especially when paired with wood or vinyl frames.

3. Set a range on the thermostat. Take a minute to think about your average home: Everyone leaves for school or work early in the morning and generally doesn’t come home until much later, right? So what’s the temperature set to when you leave? Many families leave their home at a higher temperature while they are gone so that they come home to a warm environment; however, this wastes quite a significant amount of energy. Instead, you should set your thermostat to a range, this way you can turn it down a couple degrees without worrying about coming home to a cold home! Saves money, and keeps your home above a certain temperature!

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