Why hire the best San Luis Obispo solar panel installation team?


–Thinking of adding solar panels to your home? Smart move, but first, here is some information to help steer you in the right direction.

Not just anyone is capable of handling the installing of solar systems, so the first thing to do is recognize that this is a job that needs to be done by a professional company, like solar installation San Luis Obispo Electricraft, Inc., electrical contractors.

San Luis Obispo Solar installation specialists Electricraft works with local trades-persons and knows who is capable and reliable, as well as dependable for the installation job. Contractors must be licensed and approved by state ordinances.

Needs to consider:
• The size of your home and property square footage
• The type of roof and its directional facing
• Where the sun is brightest and most potent for the panel site
• How big the system needs to be in order to meet electrical expectations
• Do you want your solar installation to be part of the grid or stand-alone power

The difference between grid power and stand-alone power:
• The grid solar power system is run by a utility company, so when the home solar panels produce more solar electricity than is
needed, the overflow reverts back to the utility grid

• Stand-alone solar power is dependent upon batteries when your home requires more power than the solar panels are producing.
What’s best? Battery consumption on stand-alone solar power can be quite expensive; batteries are very expensive. If you’re out of batteries, you’re out of power. Relying on the grid is cheaper and more dependable. Most solar power is connected to the grid, as it is less expensive and more reliable.
Here’s the solar installation San Luis Obispo Electricraft process after the decision to use solar panel power moves ahead:

• Our highly qualified electrician comes to your home to decide if it is suitable for solar power, confirming such with the aid of the Solar Pathfinder tool. It reveals how much sun the panels will capture from your roof.

• Once determined, we’ll discuss what size of a system to install and the finances involved.

• Certain installations qualify for tax credits and rebates and we’ll discuss these things with you.

• Next, we install the solar modules, inverter and make final connections to your electrical system.
Before the actual job of installation, we will go over everything together, and give an estimate on the total job costs. Warranties are included to assure a functioning system into the future.

Solar installation San Luis Obispo panels are a great service to your home and to the environment.

For more information, call (805) 544-8224 or visit electricraftinc.com/about-solar.