Top Three Solar Panel Myths Busted


–When it comes to solar panels San Luis Obispo residents often have questions around the cost, their efficiency, and even if solar panels are the right decision for their home. In general, solar panels can be a great way to go green and save on your electrical bills. But, solar panels are not for every home. Depending on the amount of sunlight, your home may be a perfect candidate for solar panels or may not. The San Luis Obispo solar panel experts at Electricraft have worked with hundreds of homeowners looking to go off of the grid. However, these three solar panel San Luis Obispo myths still exist.


MYTH #1: Solar panels are too expensive to be worth the investment.

In fact, purchasing and having solar panels installed on your home can be one of the best investments for your home (and your wallet). On average, a well-designed solar system could generate a consistent and guaranteed rate of return of between 10-15% per year. And, as utility costs rise, as they are destined to do, your solar panel San Luis Obispo investment will help you generate some significant returns.

There are many government programs willing to subsidize or offer tax rebates to homeowners who have solar panels installed on their home. This can serve to decrease the cost and make solar panels more affordable for San Luis Obispo residents.


MYTH #2: Solar panels can’t work in cold weather.

This is a common misconception. Solar panels are engineered to be outdoors 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. They produce their electrical power by being exposed to sunlight, at least 8-12 hours a day. Therefore, the outdoor temperatures and weather conditions do not affect the efficiency or operation of solar panels. It is true, that in the winter months there is less sunlight per day, so your solar panel San Luis Obispo output may be lessened. However, this is not due to your solar panels not working correctly and more as a factor of the shorter days and longer nights during the winter months.


MYTH #3: Solar panels require constant and costly maintenance.

Believe it or not, solar panels require little to no maintenance. It is important to keep in mind that solar panels have no moving parts that would easily break or become damaged from being exposed to the elements. This means less maintenance needed on your part and virtually little maintenance costs over the lifetime of your solar system. It is recommended that you monitor your solar panel output to ensure that large debris is not collecting, blocking its access to sunlight. But, generally, a good rain shower is a natural way to keep your solar panels clean.


San Luis Obispo Solar Panels

Don’t let these (and other) common myths keep you from enjoying great electrical savings by having a solar panel system installed. If you are considering solar panels for your San Luis Obispo residence, give the expert team at Electricraft a call at 805-544-8224 to schedule your free consultation.