Solar Installation San Luis Obispo

Solar Installation San Luis Obispo


Solar Installation San Luis Obispo


Solar energy is the energy provided by the sun, harnessed through solar panels to provide electricity to your business or home. Business owners looking for San Luis Obispo solar installation are realizing the useful benefits solar powered energy can provide their businesses. Here’s four great reasons to go solar with your business:


Tax Credits

In December 2015 the US Congress voted to extend the Investment Tax Credit for solar energy investments by five years. This decision helps thousands of businesses across America with savings and sustainability using advanced solar technology. Now, solar projects initiated by the end of 2019 are eligible for a 30% tax credit on solar installations.


Locks in Your Cost of Energy

With increases in the cost of energy occurring at a 5.5% rate increase each year, solar energy actually locks in your energy cost rate indefinitely. Once your business has installed solar paneling, you will no longer be paying for energy on a regular basis or be subjected to energy cost inflation.


Demonstrates Your Commitment to Being Socially and Environmentally Responsible

Solar power produces clean energy which customers who are concerned about the environment greatly appreciate. Using solar energy to power your business is a great way to show your customers your commitment to the environment. Join IKEA, Costco, Kohls, Walmart, Apple and Staples who are all using solar energy to power their businesses.


Solar is the Energy of the Future

Solar powered business will be ahead of the curve as solar power is quickly becoming the wave of the future. Businesses who are converting to solar power now are able to benefit from tax credits that may not be available in the future. Give your business a head start by committing to solar energy now while your business can take advantage of these benefits.


About Electricraft

Electricraft was founded in 1984 and provides outstanding San Luis Obispo solar installation services. Electricraft is a family owned and operated business providing services to businesses and homeowners throughout San Luis Obispo County. Contact Electricraft for your San Luis Obispo solar installation needs today – Call (805) 544-8224.