The UV disinfection system utilizes high concentrations of light to kill bacteria and microorganisms instead of chemical products.

–Electricraft, providing jobs for electrical wiring in San Luis Obispo, has recently started a project for the Paso Robles wastewater treatment plant. This project consists of connecting a new Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system in the facility. Using UV lamps to disinfect and purify wastewater is the final step in producing quality recycled water. After the newly recycled water runs through the system, it will be distributed throughout the Paso Robles city recycled water system. The new system is housed in a concrete structure. Along with the UV disinfection system, a new maintenance and filtration system is also expected to be added. These upgrades are part of a plan to create additional tertiary treatment facilities, expected for completion by 2019. The electrical wiring San Luis Obispo company Electricraft is working on the electrical side of the project to provide high quality care to the Paso Robles Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The UV system “is the last stage of disinfection before reusing,” said Jacob Treder, vice president of Electricraft, Inc.  The company has been providing electric wiring in San Luis Obispo and the Central Coast since 1984.

The UV disinfection system eliminates the use of chemical products to disinfect water by utilizing high concentrations of light to kill bacteria and microorganisms instead. The use of UV is a popular and proven approach. Essentially, the bacteria becomes unable to reproduce due to the UV light destroying genetic material. Positive effects of using a UV disinfection system is the increased safety due to the lack of chemicals present in water meant to kill bacteria. Instead, the safe UV light is able to molecularly destroy harmful bacteria and microorganisms without changing compounds in the water.

Electricraft is a progressive company that focuses on providing state of the art service in electrical projects ranging from repairs to large scale construction sites. From its founding in 1984, the family owned and operated business serves the San Luis Obispo County with an excellently trained staff and many years of experience. Along with their standard residential and commercial projects, such as electrical wiring San Luis Obispo, Electricraft has a 24/7 emergency line for time sensitive issues that require immediate help.

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