Electrician San Luis Obispo

Everyone needs electrical work done from time to time, for curious young people the urge to help by experimenting can be pretty strong. After all, you have studied electricity in school science classes and done a lot of reading and studying on your own. Electricity really interests you, maybe even as a career. Or, as an adult looking for a career change, the possibility of becoming an electrician in San Luis Obispo intrigues you. It is certainly a good career choice that provides a good income.

The USA Wage website reports that electricians in San Luis Obispo County can earn from $45,000 to over $111,000 per year.

There are a few options to a career as an electrician. One, of course, is to go to college and earn a degree in electrical engineering. Not everyone is interested in years of college study so there are other ways. One is to enroll in a certification program for becoming an electrician at San Luis Obispo’s Cuesta College or any other college offering certification. The other is to complete an industry-sponsored apprenticeship with a local electrician in San Luis Obispo County. The website for International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) has information about apprenticeships.

What does ‘certified’ mean?

Certified means you have passed an exam, usually an exam given by the state in which you intend to work. If you are attending college, the test is part of the certification or degree program. Certification is not to be confused with being a licensed electrician in San Luis Obispo County or elsewhere. Licensing to operate a business is a local city or county requirement, but may require state certification.

What are the tests to becoming a certified San Luis Obispo electrician?

There are no national standards for becoming a San Luis Obispo certified electrician; every state has different requirements. But there is a general process:

  • Apprentice
  • Journeyman

For example, an electrician in San Luis Obispo is minimally a journeyman in the trade. After you’ve worked the specified time you will be able to take two exams.

  • The first is to be sure you have the knowledge needed to start and run an electrical business and that you know the laws and rules in the electrical trade.
  • The second is about the theory and specifics of electrical work.

To keep your certification up to date you’ll have to take these every two to four years.