Electrician San Luis Obispo

Your home’s electrical systems are a really big deal, and when something isn’t exactly as it should be the matter can become an even bigger deal. It’s stressful, annoying, and sometimes it’s just frightening to try and deal with on your own. Frustration in finding the right electrician sometimes ends up as a “do it yourself” project. Trying to fix the problem yourself can cause even more problems like blown fuses, tripped circuits, or even fire. Fire is definitely the worse case scenario, and even that can get worse if not hiring a certified San Luis Obispo electrician voided your home insurance policy.

  • Finding a reliable electrician in San Luis Obispo County or anywhere on the Central Coast need not be stressful.. Following this simple advice from Electricraft and help:
  • Use Google to search for local electricians near San Luis Obispo. Compare the businesses and see how close the listed electricians near San Luis Obispo are to you.
  • Cross reference your search results with Yelp! or Bing. A serious business will have their information listed with most available platforms.
  • Check the local yellow pages or local online business directories like the San Luis Obispo County Visitor’s Guide.
  • Read reviews. San Luis Obispo electricians have a lot of reviews across all the online platforms, and quite often on their website too. Read the good reviews, the bad ones, and see if there are any responses.
  • Trust your friends and neighbors. Ask people you know who they recommend. Word of mouth is a great tool for finding a reliable electrician in San Louis Obispo County.

The other option is to just contact Electricraft, Inc. Our mission, since our founding in 1984 is to provide superior quality service, repair and construction insuring complete satisfaction to our customers for the long term. Through continued education, hands-on experience and staying in tune with ever-changing electrical technologies we will continue to excel in the electrical energy industry.