Solar Power San Luis Obispo

The Solar Energy Industries Association reports that in 2016, solar energy companies “installed 39-percent of all new electric generating capacity, topping all other technologies for the first time.” The growth of solar power in San Luis Obispo County is just as significant. In June of 2016, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors recognized the positive impact that solar energy has had on the regional economy and the entire community.

As the world moves in the direction of green and renewable energy sources, the most efficient form is found in solar power. San Luis Obispo County and the Central Coast are no exception. Currently, the amount of solar energy that is used in the United States is less than half of 1-percent, while the sun’s potential output (that which reaches the earth) is about 174 quadrillion watts in a moment. For comparison, the average American household only uses about 30-kilowatt-hours (kWh) per day. The amount of energy we are using from the sun is growing, but not nearly fast enough.

The solar industry and job growth

A news release from Environment California shows 2016 closing with 3409 jobs in solar power in San Luis Obispo County, a 137-percent increase over 2015. Other sources, such as the Solar Foundation report, “The new data show that California not only maintained it’s leader position but created over 20,000 new quality jobs in one year, and became the first state to surpass the 75,000 solar jobs benchmark.”

Sunny California certainly has advantages for the growth of solar power in San Luis Obispo County. The trend towards solar and other green energy sources is growing globally. The annual review from the International Renewable Energy Agency reports that “renewable energy employed 9.8 million people around the world in 2016 – a 1.1- percent increase over 2015.”

The cost of solar power

Not only is using solar power the least expensive option for businesses and residences, there are ways to make it even more cost-effective. Installing solar power in San Luis Obispo is such a wise investment that the state of California offers cash rebates to businesses and homeowners. Some utility companies have energy purchase programs that allow you to sell them the excess energy from private solar installations. Once the initial cost is offset, privately owned San Luis Obispo solar power systems can become private profit-making enterprises.

Where to start?

The San Luis Obispo solar power experts at Electricraft pride themselves on a wide variety of successful solar projects. Founded in 1984, Electricraft has an excellent reputation for handling electrical solar projects from in-home repairs to large public works projects.

When you are ready to move into the future with San Luis Obispo solar power, contact Electricraft, Inc. to help you make that transition.