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Portable solar kitchen from Sunflair

When people think of solar energy, the most common thoughts are the benefits of switching from traditional power company energy sources to solar energy or the charm of solar lights in gardens and along pathways. At Electricraft, our thoughts about solar energy are for the big picture of how solar helps San Luis Obispo County residents connect to a more cost-effective and efficient power source for home and work.

Using solar energy to power homes, farms, ranches and business complexes continues to grow, especially as the economic and environmental benefits become more and more apparent. But, how many know about the clever solar inventions that are useful in everyday life? For Electricraft, part of the big picture is staying on top of the latest trends in solar energy. Those trends include some of the most innovative and useful solar powered devices invented by some very clever people.

These inventions include solar powered keyboards and laptops, wristwatches, umbrellas and other shade devices, a solar powered generator, even a solar-powered ice cream cart, a boat and a wheelchair, to name a few. Some of our favorites include handy everyday gear that does double-duty as portable solar power devices and a suite of outdoor living inventions.

Electricraft wants to spread the news about these technological advances and share some our favorites!

Portable solar power

For sunny San Luis Obispo, solar powered tote bags, laptop backpacks and a simple camera strap are three resourceful inventions that turn common items into portable solar power.
Solar tote bags charge just about any handheld electronic device and some can power portable computers. An embedded solar panel on the side of the tote collects the sunshine and stores it in a small battery pack. The solar panel is removable so the tote can be washed.

Samsonite makes a solar-powered laptop backpack so there is no excuse to stay home from the beach. Photographers can hike the wildest trails anywhere and never worry about keeping their cameras charged. Just hook up a solar-powered strap to the camera and take that long dreamed about photo safari!

Solar powered outdoor life

A solar powered fan, tent and outdoor kitchen are just a few new devices that put the sun to work for campers and garden party hosts.

Solar powered fans make outdoor living comfortable, especially during hot summer days. Go ahead and have that afternoon barbecue or garden party. Just set up the fans anywhere with no need to worry about outlets and extension cords.

Cook outdoors anytime and anyplace with solar-powered grill, oven, or bake, fry or boil anything with a portable solar-powered kitchen. Go camping or spend a day at the lake without worrying about running out of propane or hauling along heavy firewood.

Solar powered tents top the list for best inventions for outdoor living. No more realizing too late that you didn’t bring enough batteries. Solar powered tents range from those with LED lights to super-powered tents providing charging stations for a variety of devices.

So, pack up the solar-powered tent and solar powered kitchen, grab the solar-powered tote, laptop bag, and camera strap and get rugged! Add room service and you can have the perfect camping trip!

The San Luis Obispo solar experts

Electricraft has been serving the electrical and solar needs for San Luis Obispo County since 1984. With the focus on continued education, hands-on experience and advancing technology the company has successfully completed residential, commercial and public works projects for solar and electrical installations throughout the Central Coast.

The company’s focus on staying in-tune with ever-changing and advancing technologies make it possible to bring the latest and most innovative technologies to the Central Coast communities.

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