Brighten up your backyard with solar lighting

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Lights in the garden after dark, along walkways, and brightening up an entryway certainly add a level of beauty to a landscape, but lighting up the landscape at night is also an important safety feature. Electricraft, Inc., the San Luis Obispo solar installation company, knows that lighting is also an important safety feature for homes and public places.

The right light in the right places can prevent falls and discourage prowlers. Lights after dark in public places make streets, parking lots, and public parks and playgrounds safer places to be after dark. Families are more likely to be out, enjoying their community in the early nightfall of winter evenings when the places they like to go are well lighted.

Lighting up the dark backyard at home lets the family enjoy their home and surroundings a little longer as day fades to night. Well-placed garden lights create the perfect ambiance for entertaining, or just sitting and enjoying the gardens in the peace of nightfall.

Lights on the front of the house, especially with motion detectors, discourage prowlers and mischief-makers. Lights can be positioned to reveal stairs and pathways to help prevent people from tripping and falling over obstacles they wouldn’t see in the dark. The sunny Central Coast is the perfect location for installing solar around San Luis Obispo.

Public works departments, schools, college campuses, apartment, hospital, and corporate complexes have been replacing traditional public lighting with solar because of the cost savings. Public lighting is recognized as an asset for public safety by brightening up traffic intersections and making former dark corners of parking lots and alleys more visible.

If you are considering converting a home or business to solar, include exterior lighting in your plans. The solar experts at Electricraft can help with designing the entire solar system, inside and out, to make sure your walkways, stairways, landscaping, driveways and parking areas get sufficient light after dark.

One of the advantages of exterior solar lighting is that the lights come on automatically when it gets dark. There is no need to remember to turn them on, or to check to make sure the timer is working. However, a lighting timer can still be installed to work with solar when there is a need for more control over lighting. Solar can also support landscape features like waterfalls and pond pumps.

For homes where solar has already been installed, the San Luis Obispo solar technicians from Electricraft can help homeowners design and install an outdoor solar lighting system for both nighttime landscaping beauty and safety. The company also has the necessary experience and knowledge for public works projects.

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