Why hire a licensed electrician?

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The temptation to save some money and fix an electrical problem yourself is pretty strong. After all, all one needs do is turn off the power, fix the problem then turn the power back on, right? Flipping the main breaker off then back on isn’t a difficult task, but what goes on between turning the power off and back on could be. First of all, if something isn’t done correctly when the power is off, trouble can show up when the power is turned back on. Hiring a licensed electrician or electrical contractor from San Luis Obispo company, Electricraft, Inc. is your best bet against nothing going wrong. Here are the reasons why a professional is the best investment:

  • Licensed electricians have the required training and know state and local codes and regulations. In order to be licensed, electricians have to show proof of the training they have received and pass exams. Ongoing training and keeping up with the latest advancements and technology is also required.
  • Training, licenses, and certifications equal knowledge. Professional electricians have the knowledge, skill, and tools to diagnose problems, troubleshoot and fix electrical problems quickly and efficiently.
  • When a permit is required to do the work, the professionals know which plans to submit and how to define the project to the appropriate city or county departments. Professionals also know all of the codes and make sure the job is completed to code and passes the necessary inspections.
  • Professionals are insured and you are protected in the event of an accident or if something should go wrong. Home insurance might not cover an accident or damage caused by faulty electrical work by an unlicensed person.
  • Professionals guarantee their work and install reliable warranted wiring, switches, and other electrical components.
  • Safety is a top priority for professional, licensed electricians and electrical contractors from San Luis Obispo’s Electricraft. All of the company’s electricians and staff stay up to date with regular safety training, new laws, and equipment.

Electricraft, Inc. has been serving the Central Coast since 1984. This family owned and operated electrical contracting business provides superior service for a wide range of residential, commercial, public, and solar needs. The Electricraft professionals stay current with the progressive electrical industry. No project is too small or too big. From repairing light fixtures in homes to installing the latest solar technology and large industrial electrical construction, Electricraft shows up and completes the job efficiently and professionally.

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