‘No need to be nervous about rewiring your home’ says San Luis Obispo electrical company

Homes get by for many years without electrical problems, but there are signs and circumstances that indicate it’s time to rewire the electrical system. The team from Electricraft, Inc. the San Luis Obispo electrical company has prepared a list of signs it may be time to rewire and what to expect during the project.

Signs it may be time to rewire

Signs that it may be time to rewire your home include:

  • Remodeling. Is the existing electrical system adequate for the additional power load?
  • New appliances. While newer appliances are more energy efficient, it’s important to make sure the wiring the electrical panel in an older home is also up-to-date.
  • Electrical problems such as dimming and flickering lights, repeated power loss to certain areas of the house, adding new electronics such as computers, relying on extension cords for enough outlets, and living in a home that was built before 1970 are all indications to at least have the electrical system checked by a professional electrician.  
  • It’s also a good idea to have the electrical systems inspected when buying an older home. Some homeowner insurance policies may require the electrical system be more up-to-date. Homes built before 1965 were equipped with 60-amp panels, which served the average household electricity use at the time. Today’s homes are built with 100-amp to 200-amp panels.

What to expect

Rewiring involves replacing the electrical panel, also called the breaker box, and old wiring, outlets, switches and light fixtures. When the project is done the new electrical system keeps you safer, prevents annoyances such as flicking lights, and even saves you money on electric bills.

A professional electrical company like San Luis Obispo’s  Electricraft, Inc. sends a certified electrician to inspect and test the existing electrical system. That electrician provides you with a report, discusses the options with you and answer your questions.

If you are working with budget restrictions, the project can probably be completed in phases that fit your budget.

Information the electrician needs from you includes:

  • Where do you want the new outlets placed and how many? Don’t forget the garage, workshop and any outdoor outlets and lighting.
  • What do you expect to plug into those outlets? Computers, televisions, other electronics, kitchen and laundry appliances, table and floor lamps, even include where you might place the Christmas tree. Include the water heater, power tools, HVAC system, hot tub, swimming pool, mobility assistive equipment, charging stations, even guitar amps and sewing machines.
  • If you are planning on remodeling which rooms are being remodeled or added?

What happens during the project?

Rewiring takes place in stages:

  • Stage 1: Replacing the cabling, wiring, circuits and mounting boxes.
  • Stage 2: Installing faceplates on the sockets and light switches and installing light fixtures.
  • Stage 3: Connecting all of the system components, testing and troubleshooting the system to make sure it works.

Wires in the old system are usually cut so they are not connected and left in place.

Depending on the extent of the project, including the size of the house, the number of rooms, the number of floors, any outbuildings including the garage, the project can take from a few days to a week. Special requests can take longer. The San Luis Obispo electrical company makes every effort to get your home fully functional as quickly as possible.

Can we stay at home during the project?

Rewiring requires drilling holes, and opening sections of walls, the ceiling and floors, depending on the path of the wiring. No electricity flows until the end of the project, meaning no TV, no home-cooked meals or hot showers! Furniture needs to be moved out of the way and covered, some carpeting or other flooring may need to be pulled up, and closets may need to be emptied.

If the family doesn’t mind temporary inconveniences you may be able to stay at home during some of the work. If the work is extensive, a mini-vacation to a hotel is probably the best plan. Pets will be happier and safer if kenneled. No one has to worry about them being underfoot, escaping or being upset by the extra activity.

What happens afterwards?

Looking ahead at a rewiring project can be overwhelming, but when it’s done, you have a safer and enjoyable home with many more conveniences.

Working with Electricraft, Inc., the San San Luis Obispo electrical company, makes sure your family will be happy with the results. Electricraft is a local, family-owned company that has been serving the Central Coast since it was founded in 1984. A full-service electrical company with a team of certified and licenses electricians, Electricraft stands behind its work. Services include making sure your project is code compliant, remodels, upgrades, new installations, repairs, maintenance and solar installation. The company provides electrical and solar installation services for all sizes of residences, mobile home parks, apartments, farms, ranches, wineries, commercial and public works projects. 

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