Sooner or later, every family needs more room and frequently thoughts turn to remodeling the garage to create more space. Whether repurposing the garage to a new use, or just creating a more useable space with more storage, the electrical supply in the garage can make a big difference in the success of the remodel. Sufficient lighting, sufficient outlets and the wiring to support the new needs are very important. The San Luis Obispo electricians from Electricraft, Inc. have some suggestions to help determine the electrical power needs.

What is the reason for remodeling the garage?

  • Turning a corner of the garage into a laundry room?
  • A workshop with the latest-greatest new power tools?
  • A rec room where the kids can have their own gaming room or start their own band?

The new use means lighting, switches and outlets need to be conveniently located and need to be able to support the new use. Some questions that need answering include:

  • Is the garage attached and running off of the same breaker box as the house or does it have its own breaker box?
  • What kind of lighting and where are the lights going to be?
  • Where do the outlets need to be and what  kind of equipment is going to plug into each outlet?
  • Do you want outdoor lighting?

Plan the new electrical system

You can leave the technical details about wiring, circuits, and electrical power to the expert San Luis Obispo electricians. You can help by sketching out:

  • Where the light fixtures are going to be
  • What the lighting is for, such as providing enough light for working with power tools
  • Where you want light switches
  • Where you want outlets and what is going to be powered by each outlet
  • Where outdoor lighting is located

The electrician can make recommendations for the best fixtures and types of lighting for each purpose.

A commitment to success

Family-owned Electricraft, Inc. has been supporting local communities since 1984. The San Luis Obispo electricians are committed to the success of every project and no project is too small. From single-family residences to large commercial and public works projects and everything in-between, Electricraft can inspect, test, troubleshoot, install new electrical systems, upgrade existing systems and install solar systems. Call Electricraft to repair a single light fixture or to design and install a multiple building electrical and solar system. Electricraft is available 24/7 for emergencies and is proud to:

  • Assure professional on time, qualify service at a fair price.
  • Complete the work right the first time.
  • Complete projects on time and within budget.

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