‘Top reasons to hire a licensed electrician,’ tips from the San Luis Obispo electrical contractor

Making electrical repairs yourself with the notion to save some money might turn out to be an expensive decision. “Even something as seemingly simple as changing an outlet cover or a switch plate can be dangerous if the person doing the work does not have some experience in the task.” Warns Jacob Treder, Vice President of Electricraft, Inc.

The risks of do-it-yourself electrical repairs include:

  • Shock or electrocution.
  • An electrical fire.
  • Repairs are not done correctly or to code, resulting in damage and creating additional more expensive problems.
  • The right tools for troubleshooting, repairing and testing are not used.
  • Damage to expensive appliances, equipment and electronics.
  • The real problem is not recognized.
  • An insurance claim is denied due to repairs not being done correctly or by a licensed electrician.

Every year, thousands of people are killed or injured by electrical accidents in both the home and workplace. Property loss due to electrical fires is in the billions of dollars.

Licensed electricians are trained and certified to work with electricity safely in a variety of circumstances. The San Luis Obispo electrical contractors from Electricraft, Inc. bring the added value of being local and invested in the welfare of the community. The benefits of hiring a licensed professional include:

  • Knowledgeable about different kinds of electrical systems.
  • Understanding the regulations governing electrical wiring and installations.
  • Having all the tools and equipment needed to safely do the job.
  • Having all the personal protective equipment required.
  • Being insured.
  • Training and experience in troubleshooting, identifying problems and the correct installation and maintenance procedures.
  • Access to cost-savings, high-quality materials and products.
  • Training in electrical safety and emergencies.

Licensed electricians must keep their licenses and skills current, which means that continuing education to stay informed about developing technologies is required. The California state-licensed electricians from Electricraft represent the best electricians and electrical contractors in San Luis Obispo County.

The members of the team from the local, family-owned company have a vested interest in the safety and comfort of clients, families and neighbors. The company assures professional, on-time, quality service to our customers at a fair price. Electricraft is available on a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week emergency basis to provide immediate service and repair of any electrical component or system. Residential services include:

  • Remodels and upgrades
  • Installations, repairs and maintenance
  • Code compliance
  • Well-equipped fleet of fully-stocked service trucks
  • Locating problems in walls, ceilings and underground
  • Light fixture and paddle fan installations
  • Lighting upgrades, panel upgrades
  • Solar power installations
  • Overhead and underground meter main services
  • Spa, stove, air conditioning, large and small appliance power
  • Emergency standby generators
  • Circuit breakers, outlets, switches, smoke detectors, phones, data, and much more
  • Underground distribution, relocation and rebuilding of meter pedestals
  • Distribution transformers
  • Aluminum wiring repairs
  • Underground fault finding

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