Why should you learn more about LEDs?

LEDThe benefits of LED Lighting

When it comes to lighting options, consumers have access to more options than ever before.

Professional San Luis Obispo electrical contractors Electricraft, explain that LEDs, or Light-emitting diodes, are semiconductor devices that produce visible light when an electrical current is passed through them.

Amber, red, green, and blue are common LED colors. To create white light for home use, different color LEDs are combined, or LEDs are covered with a material that changes the color of the light.

There are some great benefits to using LED lighting, which can be broken down to a few main categories:

• Efficiency
With up to 80 percent more efficiency than traditional lighting sources, LED lighting use has become a popular way to save money on electric bills. With a traditional lighting source like fluorescent, roughly 95 percent of the energy used is converted to heat, with only 5 percent used to light. LED lighting works the exact opposite when it comes to efficiency.

Another way the efficiency of LED lighting benefits consumers is that fewer lights are needed. LED lights focus light in one direction, as opposed to other lights that waste energy by emitting light in areas where light isn’t necessary. What this means is less lights are needed to reach your desired brightness level when you choose LED lighting over traditional lighting sources. Because you can use less lights, you’re reducing your energy consumption.

• Long Life
LED lights can last up to six times longer than traditional lighting, saving you money over time. Beyond that, a longer life span means less of an impact on the environment through lower carbon emissions.

• Non-Toxic
Most of the lighting used in offices and in some homes is fluorescent, and contains chemicals like mercury. When disposed of one day, those chemicals, if not properly disposed of (which costs money), will contaminate the landfill. Help save the environment, and your bank account!

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