Electric Companies San Luis Obispo

Electricraft, Inc. is a local, family-owned business that has been a leading San Luis Obispo electric company since 1984, serving the residential and commercial community and local governments with excellent electrical and solar power services.

The benefits that Electricraft brings to every project, small or large, include:

  • A commitment to the quality of life in San Luis Obispo County by improving and delivering quality electrical services to homes, businesses, schools and public infrastructures.
  • A professional team with each member trained, certified, licensed and experienced in every aspect of electrical company or solar projects.
  • Attention to detail that delivers reasonable estimates, accurate RFI/RFPs (Requests for Information/Proposal), and makes sure every project is sufficiently supplied, equipped, and is completed on time.
  • A professional relationship with planning and building departments and code inspectors to help make sure plans are approved, permits are issued, and inspections are passed.

The commitment

Electricraft focuses on providing superior quality service for all jobs and projects from repair to construction. The company is committed to improving the quality of life and business in the community by bringing the latest electrical and solar technology to all projects:

  • State-of-the-art electrical wiring and systems that meet the highest standards of performance and safety for every need from home lighting and appliances to supporting life-saving medical equipment and emergency dispatch services
  • A leader in green initiatives, including solar power, by delivering energy and cost saving technologies
  • A well-trained and experienced team that can plan and complete any electrical or solar project on time and cost-effectively

The team

What does it mean for the members of an electrical company team to be certified and licensed? It means that each member of that team has made a commitment to excel at his or her chosen career. It means they have made commitments to their trade to meet and uphold the highest standards established for the electrical profession. It means they have made a commitment to support their communities through their personal activities and their professional commitment.

Every task performed by an Electricraft team member is done with the intent to provide the best possible service to the customer, regardless of the size of the project.

  • The estimators and project managers are dedicated to providing accurate estimates and project plans. The timelines are coordinated so that materials and equipment are at the project site when needed and the right team members with the right skills for any phase of the project are on site when required.
  • Project managers and supervisors have the experience to make sure each phase of the project is in compliance with the design plans and schematics, solve unexpected issues on the spot, and work with code inspectors to make sure each inspection is passed.
  • The varied skills and experiences of the entire Electricraft team guarantees that the best talent is available for every phase of a project.

The more varied a team’s experience and the more different kinds of projects an electric company has completed, the more value the company brings to each project of every size. Electricraft, Inc. does it all from supporting homeowners and small business owners to complex, technical enterprise and public works projects.

A highlight of the project experience the Electricraft team brings to the company includes:

Airport electrical systems * Alan Hancock College * Athletic fields * Businesses from small businesses to corporate, manufacturing and industrial complexes * Caltrans electrical projects * Churches * Corporate facilities * California Men’s Colony * Cal Poly State University * City of Paso Robles * City of San Luis Obispo * County of San Luis Obispo * Cuesta College * Data Centers * Emergency communication/dispatch centers * Hospitals and medical facilities * Military base electrical projects * Military communication sites * Nuclear power plant electrical projects * Public parks * Residences, rentals and tenancy improvements * School districts * Solar installations of all sizes * Water treatment plants * Wireless and cellular communications * U.S. Department of the Interior

Look to Electricraft for personal service and guidance for everything you need from a San Luis Obispo County electric company:

  • Local, established, trusted business
  • Experienced, knowledgeable, and certified
  • Troubleshooting, design, installation, maintenance and repair services
  • Turnkey design, permitting and installation