Solar Installation San Luis Obispo

You’ve made the decision to install a new solar system, or to upgrade your existing system. The next step is to take advantage of the available financing and tax incentive programs for solar installation in San Luis Obispo County. The Electricraft team can assist with the applications for California financing and rebate programs and provide you with tax incentive information for your tax accountant.

There are plenty of great options for solar installation in San Luis Obispo County but there is more to an installation project than just setting up the panels. The phases of an installation process require skill and certifications in a number of areas including electrical engineering, electrical wiring, and the best electricians and experienced solar installation team. This where the experts from Electricraft bring the highest value to solar installation in San Luis Obispo County.

The phases of a solar installation project include:

  • Site visits to determine the best placement for the solar panels and evaluate electrical systems
  • Creating design plans, selecting the best panels for the job, and obtaining permits
  • Installation and inspections
  • Operating your new system

The Electricraft team is experienced, highly skilled, and certified for all phases of solar installation projects.

Site visits

Installing solar panels on the roof is a popular practice, but not all roofs are created equal. A reliable assessment of the roof needs to be done to make sure it can safely bear the weight of solar panels. Other important tasks that are taken care of during site visits include:

  • Identifying the best location for pole mounted solar panels.
  • Examining and testing electrical wiring, panels, and other components of the electrical system. A home is going to have different power needs than a commercial or industrial site. Solar systems for public works projects may have to meet even different requirements.
  • Determining how many panels are needed and the most efficient placement and positioning.
  • For new construction projects, complete new electrical systems, including wiring, appropriate outlets, lighting fixtures, connections for HVAC systems, and appliances must be installed and tested. Electricraft is the best single-source for expert residential and commercial electrical engineering, electricians and solar installation.

Creating design plans and obtaining permits

Before installation starts, plans need to be drawn up and approved, and all the required permits obtained. The Electricraft team has experts for every phase of a solar installation project, including creating the design plans, working with the local building departments to make sure everything is designed to code and getting the permits.

Installation and inspections

During the project the installation crew needs to be sure the installation follows the approved design. The Electricraft foreman is knowledgeable, able to solve problems on the spot, give the installation team solid guidance, and work with code inspectors.

Operating your new system

Before packing up and moving on to the next project, Electricraft makes sure your system is operating trouble-free to your satisfaction and that you know how to operate it.

As far as Electricraft is concerned, the job doesn’t end there. The support team makes sure you understand the maintenance schedule and all of the warranties that come with the new system and their work.

Electricraft is available 24-hours, and has an after hours emergency number. Call Electricraft today to get your solar project started.