When working with Electricraft, Inc. you get the best San Luis Obispo electrician team. Regardless of the size of your project— a simple replacement to a kitchen lighting fixture, to electrical wiring for a new house, or a multiple building commercial enterprise—Electricraft has the best electricians for any job.

Best Electrician San Luis Obispo

Each member of the Electricraft team has made the commitment to excel at his or her career and to meet the highest standards for certification and licensing that are set by the electrical profession and the State of California. From the first phone call through the final inspection, Electricraft provides the best electricians for San Luis Obispo County for any size project.

Electricraft’s commitment to every customer is to:

  • Provide superior quality service, repair and construction insuring complete satisfaction to our customers for the long term
  • Provide the best electricians in San Luis Obispo County through continued education, hands-on experience and staying in tune with ever-changing electrical technologies
  • Deliver professional, on time, quality service to our customers at a fair price
  • Completing the work right the first time
  • Mobilize and respond in a timely manner to every urgent call 7 days a week, 24-hours a day

We say what we mean and mean what we say.

The breadth of experience and training possessed by each member of the Electricraft team means that the best electrician or solar installer is available for any phase of any project. The talents that each team member brings to the company contributes to Electricraft’s versatility and successful completion of varied and challenging projects.

The more varied a team’s talents and the more different kinds of projects an electric company has completed, the more value the company brings to each project of every size. Electricraft, Inc. does it all from supporting homeowners and small business owners to complex, technical enterprise and public works projects.

The more talent and experience of each team member, and the more varied the projects, the more value Electricraft delivers to every project. From helping a homeowner repair a wiring problem to highly technical corporate and public works projects, Electricraft has the experience and dedication to deliver quality work to the customer’s satisfaction.

Look to Electricraft for personal service and guidance for everything you need from the best San Luis Obispo electricians.