4 Tips to Maintain the Life of Your Solar Panels

Solar energy can save a home or business thousands on utilities per year, maybe even millions depending on how much electricity one might use. For this reason, the solar energy industry has seen a rise in popularity over conventional electricity in recent years, everyday more and more people switch to solar power. San Luis Obispo citizens agree that solar energy is the solution to reducing your electric bill, and not only that, but they’re the environmentally conscious decision.

Solar energy systems utilize renewable resources and are a clean form of environmental energy, so reducing your carbon footprint is only one of many benefits! Solar Power San Luis Obispo Company Electricraft has for many years been installing and repairing solar panels, and so today they bring you these 5 tips on how to maintain the life of your solar panels to get the most out of them.

1. Clean your panels regularly
Oftentimes solar panels will work so well that you forget that they’re even there! However, this can be a problem; much like any other household utility, they too require maintenance to a certain degree. Nothing critical, just a routine hose down to remove excess dirt or dust that may have built up on the panels. When dust begins to build up, it makes it harder for the panels to absorb sunlight, and may reduce the efficiency of your solar panels.

2. Keep your panels out of the shade
Solar panels rely on direct sunlight to supply your household or business with electricity, so if your panels are in the shade then this may understandably cause some problems. Be sure that trees near the panels don’t overshadow them, and if they do then perhaps trim them up a little bit.

3. Monitor your panels
This one is easy, simply check on your solar energy system every so often to be sure that the green light is on and not flashing – if the light is flashing, it may be a good idea to consult your manual or contact an expert. You don’t have to check them daily, but if the green light goes out then the panels are no longer covering your electricity use, and this can quickly become costly.

4. Keep a record of day to day performance
If you really want to stay on top of your energy system, keep a record of how it performs daily. If you notice something out of the ordinary, log it. Be sure to account for days that are particularly cloudy and record around the same time each day.

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