Benefits of Installing a San Luis Obispo Solar Panel

photo 4Solar energy is becoming more popular in the San Luis Obispo area. It is likely that you have driven by a house that has solar panels, or even have one on your block. The rising cost of electricity is causing many home and business owners to switch to using solar power. However, not many people know what exactly it is, and what benefits it can offer them, which we will explore in this article.

What is a Solar Panel?

Although the actual process that makes a solar panel work is fairly complicated, the idea is rather simple – it uses the sun’s rays to power a property. Particles of light transmitted from the sun, called photons, which are found in the panels, convert the light into electricity. The solar panel is comprised of layers made of photovoltaic (PV) cells, one of which carries electrons, and the other one missing electrons. When photons penetrate the first cell, the electrons get moved around between the layers, and create direct current (DC) electricity throughout the day, which is then converted into alternating current (AC) electricity by an inverter. This energy is transported to your electrical panel, powering your house or business.

Benefits of a San Luis Obispo Solar Panel

1. Money Savings – Whether you lease or purchase your solar panels, you will quickly find that you are saving money on your electric bill. While the cost of electricity raises regularly, about 6% annually, solar power will not. Based on research conducted in 2011, Cost of Solar projected a savings of about $35,000 after 20 years of owning a solar panel.

2. Additional Income – Most electric companies will purchase solar power that has not been used up for personal needs, potentially providing an additional income for owners. California is one of the states that offers a renewable energy incentive with the possibility of generating income for using solar power with credits, tariffs and tax savings. Furthermore, installing solar panels adds value to a property, resulting in a higher selling price if the property is put up for sale.

3. Environmental Benefits – Fossil fuels are used to power homes and businesses, which deplete the earth’s natural resources and contribute to global warming through dangerous pollutants. However, the sun will never stop shining, and harvesting solar power will not harm the environment in any way.

While electric companies continue to raise prices on electricity, the effects of which harm our environment, a sustainable San Luis Obispo solar panel can offer numerous advantages. For more information about solar energy, contact Electricraft.