Backup Generators – Keeping the Lights On

electrician san luis obispoWhen inclement weather hits and your electrical system fails, having an emergency backup generator can be a lifesaver! Whether you are a homeowner looking for a backup source to keep your lights on or a business owner reliant on an electrical backup to keep your doors open, thinking ahead can be key.

San Luis Obispo Electrician experts recommend considering these things when choosing an emergency generator:

Identify the mission-critical components you need to stay on.

These components can include heating and cooling systems, emergency lights, computer servers, etc. Knowing what components you need running at all times can help you better determine the amount of electrical energy you need and the best backup generator to get the job done.


Pick the best fuel source for your generator.

Once you have identified which components need to stay running, next it is time to consider what fuel source you prefer for your backup generators. Generally, backup generators can run on diesel fuel or natural gas. You may have a personal preference, or may not have one at all. The electrician San Luis Obispo experts at Electricraft often recommend consulting with a licensed electrician to better understand the pros and cons of each generator type.


Figure out what size generator you need.

Generators come in many different styles and shapes. Choosing a backup generator should be based on your electrical needs. Working with a trusted electrician San Luis Obispo specialist can help you choose the right generator size to keep your mission-critical components and equipment on, even when the lights go out.


Check for any utility requirements or building code regulations.

When it comes to using a backup generator in a commercial building, there are building requirements to adhere to. Hiring a licensed electrician can be the best way to ensure your generator is within code and will be operated without violating and safety regulations. Keeping the lights on during an unexpected electrical outage is important, but should never come at the expense of anyone’s safety.


San Luis Obispo Electrician

The weather, even in San Luis Obispo County can be unpredictable at times. Having a backup electrical source in place can keep your important equipment running. When you’re ready to choose the right backup generator for your home or business, call the preferred electricians San Luis Obispo County residents rely on to get the job done. Contact our the Electricraft electrical contracting team at 805-544-8224 for a complimentary generator consultation.