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Finally getting around to that long awaited remodel? The finances are in place and it’s time to draw up the plans. Whether it is remodeling the kitchen, a garage, or a commercial space, don’t forget the put some thought into how the new space is going to change lighting needs and the placement of electrical outlets. Electricraft, Inc. has some thoughts about electrical wiring San Luis Obispo county residents want to consider when planning a remodel.

  • All the details, from where the dining table, desk, or new shop workbench is placed to setting up a favorite reading corner, or the new copy/printer/fax section in the office, are going to determine the new electrical wiring San Luis Obispo and Central Coast residents and businesses need.
  • For lighting considerations, taking the best advantage of natural light from windows is a consideration, but how are things going to be brightened up after dark? Where do ceiling lights need to be? Where are lamps going to be used? What about under cabinet lights? What kind of lighting is best for each space?
  • Setting up a shop in the garage? Where is the workbench going to be located? What kind of power tools will be used? Safety when using power tools is a priority and well lighted work areas that are created by the appropriate electrical wiring San Luis Obispo shops need is going to help prevent serious injury.
  • Want the flexibility to rearrange furniture when a redecorating urge hits? Centering the candelabra over the dining table might not be the best plan if the table might be switched with the sofa someday.
  • Has your living room or office become a maze of extension cords and surge protectors? Where do new outlets need to be placed to eliminate all those cords? The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) reports that extension cords are only for temporary use.

According to the US Fire Administration, 39 percent of home electrical fires involved outlets and receptacles and electrical wiring. Fire departments respond to an estimated 25,900 home electrical fires each year that cause 280 deaths, 1,125 injuries and more that $1 billion in property loss. These are all good reasons to take advantage of a remodel to install new wiring as well.

Rewiring to meet the electrical needs of the new remodeled space might seem to be an added expense, but that pales in comparison to the importance of keeping family, home and work place safe. No electrical project is too big or too small for the professionals at Electricraft. From home projects to large industrial electrical construction, Electricraft professionals display a passion for quality and hard work.

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