–With so much information floating around the internet, so many people have gotten into do-it-yourself (DIY) for just about anything. Installing flooring, painting houses, landscape design, plumbing and even electrical wiring;  all seem like they might be easy to learn to do with just the click of a mouse. Searching the internet for step-by-step instructions for just about any project or purpose  may make things look easier to do, but sometimes in the end, having no experience or oversight during DIY projects can be dangerous. There are hazards in trying your hand at anything which is usually reserved for professionals, but people will always try to save some money by doing things themselves. Electricraft inc. has years of service and provides professional electrical wiring in San Luis Obispo. There are many ways to avoid electrical hazards by considering a few tips shared below:

  1. Find the exact extension cord for your equipment. If you plug in something, make sure that the wattage rating of the extension cord being used is greater than the pull (or power requirement) of the equipment it’s powering. If you use an extension cord to supply with more wattage than it’s rated for, it can cause conductor strain, possible overheating, and maybe even a fire.
  2. Always check thoroughly for electrical wiring before cutting into any floor, wall or ceiling. When power tools cut through walls and make contact with electrical lines, which may not be visible, the very act could electrocute the handler of the tool. Be aware before starting projects of exactly what is where before making cuts.
  3. Never modify electrical plugs. Never ever should you attempt to remove the ground pin, file down blades, or try and change an electrical plug so it fits into a socket, because doing this just encourages the likelihood of being shocked. Even electrocution, and fires could result. Make sure to have a certified electrician, from Electricraft Inc. change the device’s plug, or replace old two-prong receptacles with new grounded outlets which can accommodate a ground pin.
  4. Keep everything electronic dry. It’s one of the biggest safety rules of electricity:NEVER mix electrical components with water of any kind. Make sure to keep all cables, power tools, and electronics far above the water level when they are not being used. Always make sure to cover outdoor receptacles, and never use electrical power tools in a wet or rainy place.

Safety is of the utmost importance to Electricraft, Inc. Before jumping to do your own electrical wiring, contact Electricraft, the professionals in San Luis Obispo!