Solar Panels San Luis Obispo

Sunlight is the fuel for existence on this planet. The light and energy from it fuels the photosynthesis in plants, and all life on the planet. The heat and energy the sun produces is already serving as 1-percent of the electricity used in the United States today.

The sun produces enough energy in one day to fuel the planet for about a year. This is one of the main reasons that solar energy is emerging as an efficient and cost-effective energy source around the world. Solar works everywhere, but some regions such as around San Luis Obispo where solar panels have maximum exposure to sunlight, are ideal for rerouting the sun’s energy. In some locations in the region, it is possible to fuel an entire home from one or two solar panels on the roof. For other areas, strategic placement of solar panels can generate even more energy.

Locations with wide and open exposure to the west are ideal for areas around San Luis Obispo. Solar panels positioned towards the setting sun are more effective according to a report from the Clean Energy Authority.

While southern exposure gets sunlight all day, it is hitting the solar panel at an angle, which reduces efficiency. It isn’t necessarily a “make it or break it” factor, but when going for maximum efficiency aiming for the west can actually change the outcomes of your efforts. When we say “south” we mean true south, and when we say “west” we mean the direction in which the sun sets, which provides a more direct source of sunlight.

One of the benefits of installing solar panels in San Luis Obispo County is that, generally speaking, both southern western exposures are easy positions, and the expert installations team from Electricraft can adjust the panels for the best angle. The skilled electricians from Electricraft use specialized mathematical formulas based on the latitude to calculate the best angle for solar panels in San Luis Obispo County, and elsewhere on the Central Coast.

If you’re interested in installing San Luis Obispo solar panels contact Electricraft to discuss solar installation possibilities or for any electrical project you may have.