Solar Installation San Luis Obispo

Solar energy is becoming a leading technology for supplying electricity for residential, commercial and public works electricity needs. Electricraft specializes in solar installation for San Luis Obispo and the entire Central Coast. There are some good reasons to choose Electricraft for solar installation. San Luis Obispo’s energy outlook is growing just as it is throughout California and the nation. Electricraft is a leader in solar installation for solid reasons:

  1. It is a local business supporting the local community
  2. Electricraft has a reputation for solar installation excellence
  3. Electricraft’s electricians are highly trained for solar installations

Local business supporting the community

Local businesses keep local money in the local economy. Electricraft is proud to support our community in many ways, including solar installation. San Luis Obispo County has some unique features that make the area a prime location for solar energy. Electricraft believes that our region’s future is in solar power. We are determined to provide the best technological skills for solar installation in San Luis Obispo County and the Central Coast.

In addition to providing top-notch service and support, a local company is not going to slip away in the dark of night, leaving its customers with unanswered questions. At Electricraft, we are proud of our business, proud of our community and excited to bring the quality of life advances from solar installation to San Luis Obispo County.

We are here to answer your questions, follow-up after a solar installation or any other electrical, project is completed and stand behind our work with both solar technology and traditional electricity.

Excellence in solar installation

Electricraft has been known for excellence since its founding in 1984. As the demand for advanced cost-efficient technologies such as solar installation increase in San Luis Obispo and the region, Electricraft has met the challenge.

Electricraft provides superior quality service at a fair price. Services include repair and construction for any kind of electrical service for residential, public works, commercial and solar projects.

Electricraft electricians and staff bring excellence to any project through continued education, hands-on experience and staying current with ever-changing technologies.

Highly trained electricians for highly specialized work

Solar power is electricity and Electricraft uses electricians for their installations. The electricians who work for Electricraft are highly trained and state certified electricians with many years of experience in solar and traditional energy sources. The wide breadth of professional experience, continuing education and certifications are part of the skills the entire Electricraft staff brings to their professions.

The skills for keeping daily operations running smoothly and a company-wide dedication to customer satisfaction play as important a role as highly complex technical abilities. The dedication of Electricraft staff is the key to excellence in everything from keeping the lights on at home to large public works projects providing power to thousands of homes and businesses.

Contact Electricraft today for more information about solar installations and any other electrical needs for home or business.