What do electrical contractors and solar technicians have in common?
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Electricraft provides both solar technology and electrical contracting to San Luis Obispo County.

Electrical contractors and solar technicians may not seem to have much in common, considering only the job titles. It’s often true that they perform two different, although interrelated, jobs. Digging deeper into the job descriptions, however, reveals that there is more in common that one would think. A good example is when a single company, such as Electricraft, Inc., in San Luis Obispo provides both electrical contracting and solar services.

What does an electrical contractor do?

Electrical contractors install and maintain electrical systems for a wide variety of uses in homes, commercial buildings, hospitals, public works operations, schools, agricultural operations, and more.

The electrical work includes making sure all of the wiring, switches, breaker boxes and other electrical components are installed to meet regulatory and safety requirements, working with the customer to make sure all the expectations are met, assessing the job site, troubleshooting, inspecting and testing to make sure everything works.

What does a solar technician do?

Solar technicians assess the job site to resolve any potential problems and install, inspect, maintain and repair solar panel systems according to local regulations and industry standards.

Solar technicians sometimes also perform some of the electrical work that involves connecting the solar system to the grid. But, in the end, a licensed electrician still needs to inspect and sign-off on the solar installation.

The common factor

As is often the case, one company installs the the solar system and another company provides the electrical contractor to take care of all of the electrical connections. Although there may be one “project manager” who oversees the entire project from the solar installation company, the property owner is still dealing with two separate sources for getting the work completed and signed-off.

The common factor, what electrical contractors and solar technicians have in common, comes in to play when the property owner hires a single company that provides both services, has expertise in both solar technology and electrical wiring, maintenance, repairs and inspections.

Why not take advantage of a company like Electricraft, that has been providing electrical contracting services in San Luis Obispo County since 1984, and has completed numerous solar installation projects including all of the necessary wiring, electrical connections, and regulatory sign-offs.

The team

Electricraft’s team includes highly qualified, trained, certified and licenses electricians, solar technicians, and support staff that can make sure that any electrical contractor or solar installation project is successfully completed, on time, to the client’s satisfaction. Call today for answers to your electrical questions or your solar system questions.