Do I have to close my business for electrical rewiring?

The need to upgrade a commercial building’s electrical system can be due to a number of factors including:

  • New, more modern equipment
  • Problems with old wiring
  • Remodeling to create more efficient commercial space

Whatever the reason, as a business owner you are going to have some concerns and questions about the process.

  • Will I need to close and for how long?
  • If we can stay open, how much will the work impact business?
  • How do I keep employees and customers safe during the project?
  • Will there be a mess during and after?

The San Luis Obispo electrical contracting team from Electricraft, Inc. is ready to answer all of your questions before a rewiring project starts and to be sure that you understand what to expect before, during and after.

For safety, rewiring does involve turning off the electrical power at some point. New cables and wires are usually installed alongside the old cables and not connected until the last phase of the project. The power will be turned off to make the final connections. Other times the power will be off is when new fixtures, electrical outlets and switches are being installed.

It’s a very good idea to let employees and customers know what to expect ahead of time. Let your customers know that an electrical project is underway. Work with the electrical contractors to schedule the final connections on a day and time when closing for a few hours will have minimal impact on business.

What to expect

The management of the San Luis Obispo electrical contractors makes sure you and your employees know what to expect well in advance of the project start date. A certified electrician inspects the existing electrical system, evaluates your business electrical needs including the kind of equipment and where that equipment will be plugged in, provide a report and discuss options and answer your questions.

A rewiring project can take from a few days to up to a week, depending on the size of the building. Rewiring takes place in three main stages:

  1. Replacing the cabling, wiring, circuit box, circuits and mounting boxes.
  2. Installing faceplates on the sockets and light switches and installing light fixtures.
  3. Connecting all of the system components, testing and troubleshooting the system to make sure it works. The old wires are disconnected and left in place.

Rewiring requires drilling holes, and opening sections of walls, the ceiling and floors, depending on the path of the wiring. Furniture and equipment may need to be moved out of the way and covered, some carpeting or other flooring may need to be pulled up, and closets may need to be emptied.

Working out the timelines of the rewiring project with the San Luis Obispo electrical contractors will help you know how to schedule business operations for the best productivity during the project. 

Looking ahead at a rewiring project can be overwhelming, but when it’s done, you have a safer and more productive work place.

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