San Luis Obispo electrical wiring company reports ‘Dangerous electrical problems at home’

Electrical wiring encompasses everything from the wiring in a floor or table lamp that plugs into a wall outlet, to the correct wiring and outlets for household appliances and complex cabling and conduit systems for large commercial, industrial, and public infrastructure electrical needs. Whether the wiring is for a single home, an apartment complex, a hospital, or commercial complex with several buildings, or a municipal water treatment plant, Electricraft has successfully completed a wide variety of San Luis Obispo electrical wiring projects including troubleshooting and repairing dangerous electrical situations before they become serious problems.

The team has identified the following common electrical problems.

Using high wattage light bulbs

The higher wattage the light bulb has the brighter the light to see by, right? This might seem like a logical conclusion, but in fact, a bulb with higher wattage than the light fixture is designed for is a fire hazard.

A bulb using more wattage than the fixture can handle can overload the wiring. The wiring overheats, which can melt parts of the fixture and damage the fixture and the wiring. Overheating and electrical malfunctions can start fires.

Use light bulbs that are equal to or less than the maximum wattage listed on the fixture socket.

Children and pets

Young children don’t understand the dangers of electricity and an older child may be curious about how electricity works, especially why plugging something into an outlet makes it work. Poking around an electrical outlet with anything is dangerous and can lead to serious injury or fire.

Toddlers and pets might be tempted to chew on an electrical cord or might accidentally pull on the cord and topple a lamp or electrical device. There’s also the common danger of someone, even an adult tripping on a cord that’s in the path of travel.

Be safe and use childproof outlet covers for unused outlets. Keep cords out of the way. Make sure anything a cord is attached to is secure to reduce the chances of it being pulled over.

Mixing electricity and water

Little things, like using a hair dryer while standing on the wet bathroom floor, or talking on your cell phone while in the tub are dangerous. Water conducts electricity very easily and voltage can arc through water.

Don’t use electrical tools or appliances near water. Make sure countertops are dry before turning on the blender. Don’t run power tools around water. When cleaning, be careful not to splash water into outlets.

Also make sure that all outlets in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room are GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter). These outlets detect electrical current imbalances and shut down any power coming into an outlet if there is a problem, helping prevent shocks and electrical damage. 

Old or damaged wiring

Damaged, old or otherwise faulty wiring is one of the most common causes of fire and electrical damage. If your home was built before the 1980s there is a change the wiring is getting old. Older wiring was not designed for the demands of today’s lifestyles.

Signs of trouble include frequently tripping circuit breakers, burned or discolored outlets, a persistent burning smell and an over-dependence on extension cords and power strips. Schedule an inspection with the San Luis Obispo electrical wiring team as soon as possible to evaluate and troubleshoot the electrical wiring systems.

Depending on extension cords or power strips

Relying on extension cords and power strips to use lamps, appliances and electronics can be an indication that your home’s wiring isn’t sufficient for your needs. When too many devices are plugged into a single strip or extension cord the circuit is overloaded.

Even though you may be using a power strip with a circuit breaker, this doesn’t mean you are safe to use every outlet on the strip. Overloading is a fire hazard and can also damage expensive electronics or appliances.

Consider adding more outlets, and having the electrical wiring inspected at the same time.

Be safe

Check for these common electrical hazards and make the appropriate remedies, repairs and upgrades as soon as possible.

Pay attention to warning signs such as flickering lights, frequent tripping circuit breaker, hot equipment, buzzing sounds, smoke and burning smells. If you suspect a fire get out and call 911.

Electricraft’s goal is to be sure that your home and workplace are safe and that the electrical wiring that powers the systems and equipment works flawlessly. When you get home in the evening you can relax with your family over dinner, a favorite television program, read a book, and take a hot shower. When you show up for work, you are able to complete your job safely and efficiently. The San Luis Obispo electrical wiring company focuses on providing superior quality service, creating long-term satisfied customers.