It might be wet and cold now, but we all know our thoughts are starting to turn to the coming warmer months, barbecues and relaxing times in the backyard. Outdoor lighting is a large part of adding to those special times. Even when the moon and stars are all their glory in the night sky, good outdoor lighting provides safety and visibility. The team from Electricraft, Inc., the San Luis Obispo electric company has some tips for adding lighting to the deck, patio and backyard.

Why do you want outdoor lighting?

Ambiance and better visibility are the top reasons people want to light up the backyard. With the correct lighting, both of these objectives can be achieved. Bright lights certainly improve visibility but an overly bright light might spoil the mood. Look for a balance of lighting that improves visibility in dark areas and still provides ambient lighting that helps set the mood for the activity.

Pathway and stairway lights can provide good visibility to help prevent taking a wrong step, especially if they are set on timers or motion detectors. Depending the traffic in certain areas, solar lighting or lights on timers that come on and stay on for an extended period of time might be the best choice. Motion detectors that turn on lights when someone enters the area can provide lighting for both security and safety and can be set to turn off after a specified period of time.

Direct lighting over the grill and outdoor food preparation and service areas are a definite must. Visibility is important when working with open flames, but it doesn’t necessarily have to brighten up the entire deck or patio.

Ambient lighting for sitting and dining areas, or for accenting garden features can be provided with hanging lights, post lights and well placed wall or deck rail lights.

What kind of lighting fixtures do you want?

Choose fixtures to accommodate LED bulbs that use much less energy than incandescent or halogen bulbs and last much longer.

View the area you want to light from several different places, including looking out from inside the house. Draw a map and mark the areas where you would like spotlights, motion detectors, wall or post mounted lights and pathway and stairway lights.

Don’t forget to add outdoor outlets in strategic places. These will come in handy in many ways such as putting up holiday lights, temporary string lights for a special event, and powering a variety of outdoor tools and appliances.

Discuss your initial plans with your electrician. The San Luis Obispo electrical company team from Electricraft has helping residential and commercial customers install lighting since 1984. It’s important to get professional recommendations before dashing off to the hardware store to buy something that might not meet your needs. An experienced electrical team is going to have ideas and recommendations for high-quality fixtures that might even same you some money.  

Think about other areas of your property

Your thoughts and budget may be targeted towards one area, such as the backyard, but it’s also a good idea to include other areas in the plan. A few simple things like motion detecting lights on the front of the garage, the front porch, or pathway lights can improve visibility, make walking safer and discourage nighttime prowlers and vandals.

Ask the experts

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