Whether building a new home, remodeling or just undertaking a lighting remodel for your home, it helps to have a plan. The electrician team from San Luis Obispo’s Electricraft, Inc. has some tips to help you plan out the best lighting for each room and work, reading or hobby station.

The first thing to do is resist dashing out and buying all the attractive lighting fixtures you see because “it would look really nice” wherever you plan on using it. Attractiveness is important. It’s a part of your personal statement about the space you call yours, however, there are two other factors that come before the actual purchase.

  • What is the goal of the lighting?
  • How is the new lighting going to link into the home electrical system?

Of course, the goal of lighting is to provide light. Light for safety so no one trips and falls over a toy on the floor of a dark room or to brighten up the driveway with motion detectors. In the kitchen, home office, workshop or studio, light is important for the work that is done in those spaces. For people who like to read, the correct lighting in the right place is truly a vision saver.

The goal of the lighting

Room-by-room, make a list of the things you do in those rooms that require light and what kind of light. For example:

  • Bedroom: Do you like to read in bed or do you have a favorite chair for reading? Where is that chair located? Do you like a lot of natural light when you open the curtains in the mornings? Do you have a vanity area where you get ready for the day? Do you like to read by lamps or would you like wall fixtures?
  • Kitchen: Light that brightens up food preparation areas is very important. Bright, well positioned lighting eliminates shadows and glare. Shadows and glare are not only hard on the eyes, but they are also safety hazards.

Go through each room, even the laundry room and the garage workshop and describe the best lighting scenario, including where the fixtures are to be located. Which lights are going to use dimmers? Which lights are going to provide fixed directional light and which ones can be adjusted? Where is ceiling lighting going to be installed and what kind? Include table and floor lamps, too because where the lamps are to be placed indicated where outlets are needed. The San Luis Obispo electrician cautions that it’s important to avoid over-reliance on extension cords, so include the location for the Christmas tree and all electrical appliances as well.

New lighting and electrical wiring

Depending on the age of the home, some upgrades may be necessary for a new lighting system. An electrical inspection and evaluation before the project will include recommendations for upgrades.

Other information to provide to the electrician includes:

  • Your room-by-room plan that includes details about where you need lighting, what you want to light and the type and style of lighting.
  • Your wish list of the styles of light fixtures. 
  • Note which rooms are going to have natural light.
  • Don’t forget outside lighting.

The electricians from Electricraft, Inc., have been installing and upgrading electrical wiring for homes since 1984 when the family-owned company was founded. The team has the experience to make solid design and wiring recommendations that help you light up your home just as you envision.

The licensed San Luis Obispo electricians work with the latest technologies to make sure your new home lighting is energy-efficient, safe and adds value to your home. From single-family residences to apartment complexes and rental properties, the Electricraft ream can install new electrical systems, upgrade existing systems, and troubleshoot, diagnose and repair electrical problems.

No job is too small or too big. Electricraft is proud to continue the tradition of providing excellent electric services, and the principles of:

  • Assuring professional on time, qualify service at a fair price.
  • Completing the work right the first time.

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