Solar power: energizing the home office with sustainable upgrades

In today’s rapidly changing world, where remote work has become the norm, creating an ideal home office environment is crucial. Simultaneously, the need for sustainable practices and renewable energy sources has never been more apparent. Whether you are considering installing solar to power the entire home, or want to upgrade your home office that is powered by an existing solar system, now is the ideal time. The solar installation team from San Luis Obispo’s Electricraft, Inc. has just released some of the top reasons that solar power benefits the productivity and efficiency of the home office.

One of the benefits of remote work is the ability to set your own schedule. Unless there’s a Zoom meeting or a personal appearance is required, remote workers tend to work on personal schedules that are best suited to their efficiency and productivity. For some, this is rising before dawn and powering up the office lights, computers, and other office equipment. For others, it’s working late into the night or early morning hours, and then there are those who flourish on 8-to-5 work schedules.

Regardless of personal work schedules, one thing in common is that a home office adds to the overall home power usage. While some of the added expenses may be offset by savings in commuting expenses, clothing, lunches, and other work-associated expenses, it is still important to operate the office as cost-efficiently as possible and reduce power usage.

Installing solar is a sustainable, eco-friendly way to operate a cost-effective home office as well as the entire home. Along with the benefits of solar installation, the San Luis Obispo Electricraft team recommends the following home office upgrades to get the best performance from a solar system and improve productivity and efficiency:

  • Consider additional battery storage for uninterrupted power supply at night or on cloudy, rainy days.
  • Energy-efficient lighting is always a smart upgrade. Replace traditional incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures. LED lights consume significantly less energy, last longer, and provide better illumination.
  • Use smart power strips that automatically cut off power to connected devices when not in use. This eliminates vampire power consumption and reduces standby power usage.
  • Install energy monitoring devices to track your electricity usage and identify areas where further optimization can be achieved. This allows you to make informed decisions and adjust your energy consumption patterns accordingly.
  • If it was not done at the time the solar system was initially installed, or it has been a while since the system was installed, consider inspecting and evaluating the current electrical system for the entire house and taking advantage of solar and electrical upgrades that can improve the efficiency of the entire solar system and overall power usage.

Rely on Electricraft, Inc. for both solar installation and cost-saving, efficient electrical upgrades that improve home office productivity, home life, and electrical safety.

Serving local communities since it was founded in 1984, family-owned and operated Electricraft brings a unique, skilled, and experienced combination of electricians and solar installation to San Luis Obispo.

From the initial site visit for a new or upgraded solar system to showing you how to operate your solar system, Electricraft performs every step with professional skill.

  • During the site visit, the team determines the best location for a new system and the best upgrades for an existing system.
  • Whether installing a new system or upgrading the current system, the team of licensed electricians performs a thorough electrical inspection, testing electrical wiring, panels, and other components of the electrical system and making recommendations for safety and efficiency improvements.
  • The Electricraft team has experts for every phase of the project, including creating the design plans, working with the local building departments to make sure everything is designed to code, and getting the permits.
  • The Electricraft foreman is knowledgeable, able to solve problems on the spot, give the installation team solid guidance, and work with code inspectors.
  • Before packing up and moving on to the next project, Electricraft makes sure your system is operating trouble-free to your satisfaction and that you know how to operate it.

Electricraft is available 24 hours a day and has an after-hours emergency number.

Call Electricraft today to get your solar project started.