Electrical safety for solar systems after an earthquake or storm

Recent years have witnessed increasing installations of solar systems as a sustainable and efficient power source. However, with the rising occurrence of natural disasters such as earthquakes and storms, it is crucial to address the importance of electrical safety for solar installations in their aftermath. It is just as important to inspect the solar panels and electrical system after a natural disaster as it is to inspect homes, businesses, and other buildings. Electricity is a powerful energy, and it doesn’t matter if it comes from a solar system or from the grid. When electrical components are damaged, they become dangerous if not properly assessed and repaired. The San Luis Obispo team of solar technicians and licensed electricians has prepared this important list of considerations and precautions to take after a natural disaster.

  • Check for exposed, damaged, or “downed” electrical wires. Close off the area and call 911 to report the hazard.
  • Do not attempt to enter the area, especially if water is present.
  • As soon as it is safe, assess the structural integrity of the solar installation. Examine the panels, mounts, and connections for any signs of damage. Professional solar technicians and electricians from Electricraft are available for local, in-depth inspections to identify any potential hazards. Structural damage can compromise the stability of the entire system, leading to potential electrical risks and endangering individuals in the vicinity.
  • Disconnect the system from the grid and from the building to mitigate the risk of electric shock or fire. This step ensures that the system remains inactive until it can be properly inspected and repaired. Switch off the main circuit breaker, if accessible, and follow the recommended shutdown procedures provided by the solar system manufacturer or installer. Taking this precautionary measure protects both the residents and any electrical personnel involved in the repair or inspection process.
  • Once the structural integrity has been assessed and the system is disconnected, call qualified professionals, such as the electrician and solar team from San Luis Obispo’s Electricraft, to inspect and repair the solar installation. Certified solar technicians and electricians possess the necessary expertise to identify any electrical hazards and rectify them accordingly. They will thoroughly examine the wiring, inverters, junction boxes, and other crucial components to ensure they are functioning correctly and free from damage. Any faulty or damaged parts must be replaced or repaired promptly to restore the system’s safety and efficiency.
  • Prioritize personal safety throughout the assessment and safety measure processes. It is vital to adhere to safety guidelines, wear appropriate protective equipment, and exercise caution when handling electrical components. Even professionals are vigilant about potential electrocution risks, such as damaged or exposed wires. Clear communication and coordination between the solar technicians, electricians, and building occupants are crucial to ensuring everyone’s well-being during the restoration process.

Maintaining electrical safety for solar systems after a natural disaster is critical for protecting life and property and preventing further damage. Timely assessment, disconnection, and professional inspection are the key steps in this process.

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